Professional Services

Memberize is a comprehensive tool that allows organizations of all sizes to manage their memberships online, and as such is continually being upgraded and improved. We recognize that the depth of functionality and therefore integration can make for a difficult transition and a long learning curve but Memberize is also committed to providing a full complement of services so your organization can fully leverage all of our tools to make your membership management more effective and efficient.

Website Design

The website design experts here at Memberize are ready to help your organization create a credible presence on the web. Whether starting from scratch or replicating existing content into our application, Memberize can help. Because we know exactly how things work over here we can provide a cost effective solution that will deliver a consistent, comprehensive, and professional appearance to your site that will leave a positive impression on all your constituents.

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Memberize Software Setup Help

As with any powerful software, Memberize includes a variety of configuration options. Member access levels, payment plans, credit card configurations, public vs members only webpages, online forums, pre-paid vs free events...just to name a few. The Memberize application exists, for the most part, as a do it yourself setup and maintenance platform. However, based on people's skill sets, getting from point A to point B can take more time for some. Our professionals can help expedite the configuration process so you can realize your goals faster and more efficiently. We'll help get things setup quickly!

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Getting Somebody Trained

A common concern for organizations is transitioning to new leadership and administration as positions change hands or staff is turned over. Memberize can help these new stakeholders get up to speed quickly by setting up a schedule of client-specific training sessions for all staff or administrative members. These training sessions happen online with your own website and a conference call with your group or individuals and can be a very effective way of ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

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