Membership Management

Searchable Member Directory

Your member directory is always available online and always current. Powerful reporting features allow Administrators to search and display members based on criteria they specify. If you have an existing database of member information Memberize can upload this information for you.

Membership Reports

Filter, sort and download member data for analysis in a spreadsheet or other desktop application. Reference a member’s registration and billing history to quickly and efficiently resolve any dues, subscriptions, and event payments issues.

Detailed Member Activity History

Reference any members full transaction history with your organization with a few mouse clicks. Solve billing problems after the fact or verify the absence of a pending charge to preclude any future problems.

Multiple Membership Billing Plans

Configure billing plans to suit your organization; annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly dues may be accepted online. Create recurring charges that automatically bill at intervals of your choosing. Overdue members will be notified of account delinquency at login, eliminating most of your due collection effort!

Customizable Member Data Fields

Have total control over information your organization captures from its members by creating custom fields of any available type: text entry, check boxes, or select box lists.

Multiple User Levels

Memberize allows you to grant administrative access to as many members as you like but also allows you to specify which modules or areas they have administrative access to. Designate Event Leaders who can create and manage events on their own but cannot access private member information, or designate a Web Content administrator to manage your website without allowing access to event or member data.