Communication Tools

Automated Messages/Emails

Create Unlimited messages/email sequences. Use a membership transaction or event registration to trigger a sequence. Start/Pause/Modify a sequence in process either for a given recipient or the sequence as a whole! Enhanced email bounce and delivery tracking. View email histories for each member record.

Internal iMessaging

Allow your members to interact and communicate with each other without divulging their work or home email addresses via the Memberize iMessaging system. Members can also configure their account to forward these iMessages to any email account they wish. Participation and private information is always up to the Memberize user, who can elect to allow iMessaging, disclose or keep private any of the contact information they provide to your organization.

Documents Library

Make documents available for your membership to download. Post your meeting minutes, agendas, or other forms and internal documents in your password protected member area. You can decide, as logged in administrator, which files are seen and by who. You setup the way the directory and file types appear to your members. Create links to these files from other places on your website or in emails that you send. There are many ways to make use of this tool.


Also called message boards, our searchable forums are a great place for your members to interact and exchange information, commentary, and ideas. You can add different categories, moderate all postings, designate other members as moderators, or leave the message board un-moderated.