Memberize provides you with more than a website. It is a valuable, time saving administrative tool designed to eliminate the labor of running your organization.

Below you'll find information about our many features grouped by their application. Membership Management, Event Management, Communication Management, and Website Content Management. You may also be interested to see our Product Feature Comparison.

Membership Management

Searchable Member Directory

Your member directory is always available online and always current. Powerful reporting features allow Administrators to search and display members based on criteria they specify. If you have an existing database of member information Memberize can upload this information for you.

Membership Reports

Filter, sort and download member data for analysis in a spreadsheet or other desktop application. Reference a member’s registration and billing history to quickly and efficiently resolve any dues, subscriptions, and event payments issues.

Detailed Member Activity History

Reference any members full transaction history with your organization with a few mouse clicks. Solve billing problems after the fact or verify the absence of a pending charge to preclude any future problems.

Multiple Membership Billing Plans

Configure billing plans to suit your organization; annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly dues may be accepted online. Create recurring charges that automatically bill at intervals of your choosing. Overdue members will be notified of account delinquency at login, eliminating most of your due collection effort!

Customizable Member Data Fields

Have total control over information your organization captures from its members by creating custom fields of any available type: text entry, check boxes, or select box lists.

Multiple User Levels

Memberize allows you to grant administrative access to as many members as you like but also allows you to specify which modules or areas they have administrative access to. Designate Event Leaders who can create and manage events on their own but cannot access private member information, or designate a Web Content administrator to manage your website without allowing access to event or member data.

Event Management

Interactive Online Event Calendar

Making members aware of your organizations activities has never been easier. Your event calendar is always current and members have instant access to any and all event information they need including MapQuest™ or Google™ map links, directions, dates, fees and virtually any other necessary info. Users can even download the event calendar directly to Microsoft Outlook™.

Online Event Registration

Members can register and, if necessary, pay for any event instantly online. Eliminate the possibility of overbooking an event by setting attendance limits that automatically prevent too many members from signing up. Enable our Waiting List feature to make sure cancellations are filled. Designate any given event as open to the public, open to guests of members, or exclusive to members only.

Event Reminders and Updates

Increase event attendance by configuring automatic email event reminders to encourage members to attend events they have committed to online. Keep members abreast of any unscheduled changes to an event by sending an update to all event registrants with a single mouse click.

Efficient Event Posting

Our built-in html editor allows you to create eye catching event descriptions complete with links, colors, logos, pictures and other graphics, even if you don’t know html! Use past event postings as templates to create new ones. Configure “memorized” event locations to eliminate repetitive maps and directions.

Event Center

The Event Center approval queue allows for the delegation of event posting authority to non-administrators while maintaining administrative control. At-a-glance color coding allows for quick recognition of an event’s status as approved, changed, or awaiting administrator approval. Eliminate repetitive event postings with our Memorize feature that store templates of event location

Communication Management

Internal iMessaging

Allow your members to interact and communicate with each other without divulging their work or home email addresses via the Memberize iMessaging system. Members can also configure their account to forward these iMessages to any email account they wish. Participation and private information is always up to the Memberize user, who can elect to allow iMessaging, disclose or keep private any of the contact information they provide to your organization.

Documents Library

Make documents available for your membership to download. Post your meeting minutes, agendas, or other forms and internal documents in your password protected member area.


Also called message boards, our searchable forums are a great place for your members to interact and exchange information, commentary, and ideas. You can add different categories, moderate all postings, designate other members as moderators, or leave the message board un-moderated.

Automated Emails

Configure your Memberize Auto Email feature to send membership renewals, birthday greetings, event reminders, or welcome new members.

Website Content Management

Website Style Setup

Your Memberize account includes a powerful Cascading Style Sheet tool that allows you to customize and manage the look and feel of your website from one centralized location. Style Sheets allow you to create a color and font scheme, or style, that appears consistently throughout your Memberize site.

Microsoft Outlook Exports

Your members can keep their schedule updated by downloading their event information to Outlook™. Administrators can download the entire event calendar to better manage your events.

E-Commerce Tools *

Turn your group management web portal into a profit center with our eCommerce tools, allow online payment for event registration, memorabilia, or create fundraising campaigns to fund your group's cause. For more details see our E-Commerce Overview


Allow your members their own exlusive online marketplace with our classified ads, or use our job bank to help your members find new employment.

Website Domain Setup

Create and manage a seamless connection between your organization's very own domain name and our powerful Memberize management software.