The Enterprise Solution

The Enterprise is Memberize’s top tier solution.  If you are an organization that requires multiple website administrators and administration support from some or many of your users then this is most likely the product for you.  Smaller organizations may only require one administrator with the default support member types.  In this case the Professional package may just be the perfect fit.  With the Enterprise Package you not only have the ability to have unlimited Administrators but you can also create as many Custom Access Levels as needed along with the default Member Levels. Certain features are exclusive to Enterprise. Aside from obvious needs for multiple administrators you may also be interested in the following features that come with the Enterprise.

Exclusive to Enterprise

Geo Location (Zipcode Search)

Geo Location (Zipcode Search) Our popular Geo Location Tool is great for finding other members in the profile directory based on a proximity search of their US Zipcode in relation to your US Zipcode. This feature is available to all active members browsing the profile areas. Let your members find out who, among their constituents, lives or offices near them!

One-To-Many Membership

One-To-Many MembershipsEnterprise also offers a One-to-Many membership opportunity. Very often organization’s members are not actual people but companies and those companies may have many members as part of their whole. It works as a Parent and Sub member(s) relationship. If you feel this to fit your profile you may be better served by choosing the Enterprise.

WebSynch for QuickBooks®

WebSynch for QuickBooks®Another exclusive feature of Enterprise is WebSynch for QuickBooks. Memberize offers a QuickBooks API to synchronize your website billings with your personal QuickBooks. Keep the hassle of importing your billing data into QuickBooks with a couple clicks of the mouse. Easy to setup and keep up to date. We’re here to assist you.

Event Check-in / Attendee Tracking

Event Check-in / Attendee TrackingIf quick onsite check-ins are important to your organization you'll fine this feature useful. With any computer that is connected to the internet you can quickly check event attendants in by entering in their email, their last name, selecting from a list, or using a Wedge/Barcode Scanner(Card swiper).

CPE Tracking

CPE TrackingDo your member's earn credit for attending events? Memberize's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Tracking system can help make this process easier. Built to work with the Event Check-in / Attendee Tracking Sytem. When a member is checked into an event they receive the amount of credits designated for that event. Administrators can easily report on this information and individual members can track their own progress.