Board of Directors:

Metrolina REIA Board is run by all volunteers who are committed to the mission of Metrolina REIA. Elections are held annually in November. The Board holds it's monthly meetings following the Metrolina REIA Main Meeting.

Our Mission (Metrolina REIA) is to actively promote wealth building with real estate through education, mentoring and networking. The Metrolina REIA is dedicated to helping it's membership excel in the Real Estate investment arenain Charlotte, NC and surrounding metrolina area. This is accomplished by utilizing our membership's experience in real estate investment, networking, tax deferred exchanging, education, and mentoring of its new members. You will find an atmosphere of "can do" and folks who will encourage you.



Metrolina REIA Board Members for 2011


Cherrathee Hager, President. 


PH: 704-490-2001

 Cherrathee is a full time investor in Salisbury, N.C. and is the owner of Twin Oak Development -- Construction, Real Estate Investments and Services.  She purchased her first property 25 years ago and since that time has been purchasing, rehabbing, renting, wholesaling and retailing homes and apartments.  Cherrathee specializes in rehabbing properties and can complete most projects in three to four weeks.  She has years of experience in assessing properties, putting the deal together and creating a profitable exit strategy.

Cherrathee is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Metrolina REIA, is the Subgroup Chairperson and also serves as subgroup leader of the Concord Area subgroup.

Lou Gimbutis, Vice-President. 




Lou is a full-time investor who moved to North Carolina in early 2007 to escape Michigan's declining economic climate.  Lou has completed a number of real estate transactions, specializing in creatitve deal structuring, including subject-to, lease-options, buying at auctions, buying second mortgages, and many others.  Before-and-after pictures of previous projects, as well as numerous testimonial letters, can be found at his website,

Lou also specializes in buying and enforcing unsatisfied civil monetary judgments, which is detailed at

Lou has been married for 10 years in 2011, and he and his wife Tanya enjoy travel, camping, and reading.


 Other Board Members:

Doug DeShieldsDoug DeShields, Treasurer. 

PH: 704-708-5601

Doug has been a member of Metrolina REIA since 2002 and has previously served the association on the Operations Committee as Marketing Director. Doug first invested in commercial real estate in 1975 and currently has real estate investments in single family homes in North and South Carolina, raw land in Gaston County, and beachfront property in the North Myrtle Beach area. His interests include rehabbing single family homes for resale and buy and hold.

After a thirty year career in telecommunications, Doug retired in 1999 from BellSouth as Staff Manager in Operations. Currently he is President of his own financial planning and registered investment advisory firm, Capstone Financial Planning, Inc., specializing in building wealth for his clients using alternative investment strategies. Doug received his Economics and his MBA from Pfeiffer University.

Doug and his wife Risa reside in Weddington and are active members of Bethany Church, where Doug teaches a boys class and serves as an Elder.


Leon Humphrey, Board Member. 

PH: 704-460-4933

 Leon is an experienced real estate investor with his business concentration in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He lives in Gastonia, North Carolina, a small but growing town about 15 miles west of Charlotte. He enjoys several facets of the real estate investing field while being a self-described “dumpster diver”.There is definitely a passion for the “down and out”, just plain ugly house. He has an uncanny ability to look beyond the obvious to the realm of “possibilities”.As a result the news media has attributed to him the reputation of turning “Trash into Treasure”.

Leon has developed proficiencies in buy and holds (landlording), wholesaling, rehabs for retail, short sales, note buying, and personal coaching and mentoring. He is a full time real estate investor with part time involvement in custom stained glass. His studio has produced anything from simple sun catchers to a full set of twelve church windows. He enjoys teaching real estate and stained glass as well as doing both. He is not only a teacher but also a “doer”. His explanation of his reason for teaching both is to pass on to others what he has learned in both fields.


Tom Latimer

PH: 704-844-0328

As a native South Carolinian of Conway, just 15 miles from Myrtle Beach, I grew up in the Horry County school system.  I began my working career at the age of 12.  This was the same age that I opened my first bank account.  My mother instilled in me a strong work ethic and the need to put some away for a rainy day. 

I graduated from college in 1972 in Charlotte NC. I became a supervisor with UPS and had the responsibility of an area within a fifty-mile radius of Winston Salem. I transferred back to Charlotte in 1975 and became a supervisor with Charlotte Meck Schools. There I had direct supervision of 70 to 100 employees on a daily routine. I did this for thirty years to support our school system.
I also bought my first rental property in 1975, that I still own today. I worked in real estate the old fashion way as a landlord. I have performed this task for the past thirty years and have worked with different generations on providing safe and clean homes. I believe in the integrity of our business. I often speak on the subject of landlording at Metrolina REIA subgroup meetings and PHP Saturday seminars.

Another vital part of my life is my involvement in growing daily in the grace of my Lord and living for him daily.




Allon Thompson, Founder and past President of Metrolina REIA.

PH: 704-201-9492

One of the more important facts is that I have lasted 35 years as an investor, landlord and entrepeneur! It is my wish that some of what I have learned will be of benefit to you. It is also my wish that you will share with me some of the things YOU have learned so we spread the word. New websites that are beneficial, sales techniques, buying tips, etc. That is what Metrolina REIA is about.


Operation Committees:

JC Underwood, Executive Director.

Lou Gimbutis, Education Committee Leader.  


 Board Member: Grady Denton


Member of NationalREIA

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