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10/17/2018- Marketing Money Machine with Maria Giordano


Marketing Money Machine with Maria Giordano

Low Cost Marketing that Works!

Marketing for the best leads requires a consistent systematic approach. Whether you door knock, drive for dollars, place bandit signs or direct mail, you will learn the essentials for efficient marketing success. In this drill down session, you will learn the essentials of marketing and how to handle those leads when they start coming in like out of a fire hose, compile your lists and build on them, when to mail your list and how many times to mail it. How about what to do with bad leads or returns that most people throw away? Plus, how to plan to start your funnel and feed your pipeline. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. The top marketing strategies to get motivated sellers calling you

2. How to Manage your leads

3. What to do with the returns—Huge Tips on this one

4. How to market yourself to be the only logical choice whether there’s competition or not.

5. What to mail out, when to mail it, and how often to mail it

6. Why marketing is the key to your success, how to test and assess!


Maria Giordano is a full-time real estate investor. She initially got her start doing fix-n-flip properties, then moved to buy and hold and later to spec builds and land development.  In a former life, Maria was a trauma nurse working days, nights, weekends, holidays and not seeing much of her family. She learned early on that real estate was the answer, creating wealth, cash flow, income and time with her family.


Join Maria on Wednesday evening, October 17, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the

24th Street Conference Center for this special drill down session!



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