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10/10/2018- Comping and Estimating Repairs with Mike Del Prete

Comping and Estimating Repairs with Michael Del Prete

This special drill down session teaches you how to calculate market value and cost of repairs.

How to calculate the market value and cost of repairs is a critical part of the investment puzzle. With so many bad deals and unreliable information floating around, you can easily get stuck with someone else's hot potato.

Understanding this process allows investors to work backwards and determine their offer, renovation budgets, profits, sales price and much more...

After this class, we guarantee you'll have the knowledge and confidence to write offers on every property you come across and tell the difference between a stud or a dud. We'll be evaluating properties in today's market. Attendees, we will evaluate your property in class so bring your deals! (First come, as time allows basis)

In this class you'll learn


How to determine the ARV (after repair value)

How to gather accurate information

What is the 70% rule and should I use it?

How to comp a property without MLS


Understand the 3 different types of renovations

Break down rehab costs for each type

Best formulas and resources to use to calculate rehab budget


A full-time real estate investor and an all-around problem solver, Michael Del Prete is known for providing top of the line advice and strategies to help new and experienced investors achieve tangible results that create cash flow.   Prior to Real Estate investing, Michael held leadership positions in the Mortgage and Wireless industries.

Michael currently is a wholesaler, landlord, consultant, Air Bnb Superhost and holds his own rental portfolio. He has completed over 400 real estate transactions in the last seven years.  He is a member of the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (AZREIA), as well as the Arizona Multi-family Housing Association (AMA).  

Michael has authored several eBooks and has been a guest on several national podcasts discussing a variety of topics about real estate investing.  He is also the host of The AZREIA Show.


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