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Residential Assisted Living Academy Training

If you missed the Residential Assisted Living Academy presentation at AZREIA.  To hear some of what you missed, click this link, fill in some brief information and you will be directed to several videos.


It is not too late to get registered for one of the upcoming training sessions.  The June workshop added for AZREIA members is sold out but you can still attend any of the upcoming training events.  

  • July 13-15   (only 12 seats remain)
  • September 7-9
  • October 12-14
  • December 14-16

Did you know that between 2000 and 2010, the number of people age 65 to 84 in the US grew by 3.3 million. While 13 percent of Americans are currently age 65 or older, that proportion will jump to 18 percent by 2030. The current 40 million senior citizens will balloon to 89 million by 2050.  Don’t miss out on the largest market growth in a generation! Get the proven formula. Provide your family with significant ongoing monthly cash flow and protect them from market fluctuations.

Residential Assisted Living Academy™ is America’s premier training organization in this unique and specialized niche’ of opportunity. Launched in 2012 by entrepreneur / real estate investor Gene Guarino, Residential Assisted Living Academy™ has trained hundreds of investors, business owners and entrepreneurs in this new and exciting field of opportunity

With 77 million Baby Boomers preparing to retire over the next several decades, residential assisted living is a comfortable “home style” alternative to institutional living situations. This “silver tsunami” mega-trend makes for a huge financial opportunity for those prepared to position themselves for success.

RAL Academy offers both a live RAL 3-Day FAST TRACK experience or the online Home Study course  These exceptional programs provide the most comprehensive training available today for those looking to capitalize on this explosive opportunity.

PLUS – Now you can earn the prestigious RAL Associate Designation quickly and easily!



  • This exciting 3-Day FAST TRACK event covers all you need to know.  Here’s what you will learn
  • Discover How to Find, Fill and Fund Your RAL Home
  • Do a Private Tour of Actual RAL Homes
  • Meet the Facility Manager, House Manager and Caregivers
  • Learn to Maximize NET Positive Cash Flow Without Risking Your Shirt
  • Get the Foolproof System for Evaluating the Right Property
  • Learn How to Start From Scratch OR How to Buy an Existing Residence
  • Learn to Find and Hire the Right Staff to Operate Your Home
  • Learn How to Become an “Off-Site” Business Manager
  • Discover How to Fill Your Property Fast With Low-Risk Residents
  • Learn How to Fund the Deal Without Using Your Own Money
  • Discover How to Attract Investors and Raise Capital
  • Learn How to Create a Winning Business Plan
  • Discover Where to Get Your Systems, Operations and Procedures Manuals
  • Examine Case Studies of Actual Assisted Living Homes
  • How to Analyze the Financials of Actual Projects
  • ·Get Specific Site Selection Criteria
  • ·Review Architectural Designs and Plans
  • Experience a Tremendous Networking Opportunity
  • Connect With Other Like-Minded Professionals From All Over the United States


Each of the live FAST TRACK events follow an agenda designed to optimize your learning experience, immerse you in the business, and allow you to make beneficial connections.  RALA provides a format that allows you to learn from real-world examples so you have complete knowledge of not only the process, but how to apply the process to your own business and get real, measurable results.

MEET AND GREET  Students come from all over the country.  To get the events started RALA has an optional pre-event reception, where you have an opportunity to network with your fellow students, as well as direct access to the master trainers.

DAY 1      9am-5pm

This is a full day of in classroom training. You’ll learn exactly what residential assisted living is, how to start one from scratch and how to buy an existing residence.  You’ll learn exactly how to find them, fund them and fill them.  You will also learn how to operate the home without needing to be on-site. You will get the proven marketing secrets to fill your home and how to find the right staff to operate it.

DAY 2      8:30am-5pm

This is where the action starts.  This is the context for the content, where you go into the field and visit operating homes in action. RALA covers case studies of actual assisted living homes owned and operated by master trainer Gene Guarino. You will meet the managers and care givers that operate the homes on a daily basis.  Day 2 is the highlight for most students where they truly understand the concept of doing good and doing well.

DAY 3      9am-4pm

This is the day where you put it all together. Your trainers will help you analyze the financials of actual projects as well as examining site selection and reviewing architectural design and planning. You will learn how to fund the deal with or without your own money, how to attract investors and how to raise capital. Your trainers will provide you a systematized proven method to succeed in the residential assisted living business.


One of the greatest benefits of attending the 3-Day FAST TRACK is the networking opportunity.  Not only will you be ready to take action as soon as you leave the class, but you’ll also meet and connect with many other like-minded professionals from all over the US.


RAL ACADEMY ONLINE  Work at your own pace

We teach smart people the simplest way to magnify AND stabilize their money using a business system that guards you from potential crashes or downturns while providing both growth AND security.  Residential Assisted Living is one of the most secure and explosive investment opportunities that will occur for the next 25 years, and we empower our students to capitalize on this opportunity by teaching our proven formula, tested and perfected over many years of doing business.  ;You will gain step-by-step knowledge and learn how to launch your own Residential Assisted Living senior care home in your area.  Gene’s new online RAL Training System will take you Through 10+ Hours of Content Rich Formula and Strategy That Shows You Exactly How to Profitably Turn a Single Family Home into a Cash Flow Machine using the 3 course RAL Syatem from the comfort of home, online and on your schedule. Each graduate of our program has the skills, resources and knowledge to duplicate our success for themselves.

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