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GaREIA Mastering Passive Income 90 Day Coaching Program, Steve Laube, Begins June 23 $$

June 23 - September 30, 2018

with Steve Laube, Coach

Learn the basics of financial planning, investing in Stocks, and all aspects of Real Estate with a focus on taxes, buy and hold, and exit strategies. Our info-packed 90 Day Coaching Program covers basic real estate investing math, understanding the various forms of income from real estate, market timing, and so much more!  This program includes scheduled personal guidance on your stock and/or real estate portfolios.

See what people are saying about the Mastering Passive Income 90 Day Coaching Program:

"Great value. This is great education and practical

Crucial to preparing for your future comfortable retirement"

“I''m planning on using all of it. This is the best investment I have ever done in my own personal education - and in turn, my children's (I plan on teaching them)

What you will learn in this program:

  • Why paying someone an asset management fee (1-1.5%) is typically a waste of money.... how to manage your own "EZ" diversified portfolio
  • Why most people do poorly in the market... how to beat the market with little effort
  • Why having idle cash is a terrible waste of money... how to invest your idle cash safely and outperform  the money market rates
  • Why (110-your age) is a terrible way to allocate your portfolio... how to determine the correct asset allocation for your situation
  • Why "fear and greed" can destroy your finances... how to control these two beasts
  • Why the "4-5%" withdrawal rule applies to only a small percentage of people... how to withdraw more money safely
  • Why stocks are a poor way to build wealth versus real estate...and why they are a great way to hold it once you have it
  • Pros and cons of real estate versus stocks... and much more
  • Why real estate is the best way to build wealth..
  • How to analyze buy and holds correctly
  • The magic of "N"
  • How to use financial engineering to maximize your income from RE
  • Pros and cons of real estate versus stocks
  • Tax minimization with real estate investments...and much more
  • "Knowing where its going"... analyzing and projecting must and discretionary expenses
  • How expenses change over time
  • Controlling inflation
  • All the "magic ages" and why: 55, 59.5, 62 (twice), 65, 70.5
  • Understanding the RMD
  • Knowing the important role real estate plays in your Passive Income: cash flow now, increasing cash flow via rent increases, jump in cash flow when loans are paid off, increase in market value = buckets of money later

Program Details

In Person Classes:

Saturday June 23, 9 am - 4 pm

Sunday June 24, 9 am - 4 pm

Monday July 16, 7 pm - 9 pm

Monday August 20, 7 pm - 9 pm

Personal consultation with Coach scheduled by September 30

Your Coach suggests students take advantage of three things for the personal consultation to have the most benefit:
  1. Review your stock portfolios and check for asset allocation, fees/cost, diversification, past performance, etc.
  2. Review your real estate holdings and check for TAAR on each property: appreciation history and projections, rent / cash flow history, loan status, return on equity, fit with your "life strategy" etc.
  3. "No job" budget for 20 yrs...progress/problems/quit the day job date, etc.

Coach will do each of the above as necessary (can be lots of emails, phone calls, lunches, etc.) if student does their part first... show Coach the brokerage statements or just a percentage summary, spreadsheet of their rentals, and start the budget

Registration Ends June 20!   Register Now!

Early Registration thru June 12:

Members: $447

Non-Members: $647

Late Registration after June 12:

Members: $497

Non-Members: $697

About the Instructor 

Steve Laube

Education and Day Job

Steve started life as a nerdy scientist with a BS in chemistry, obtaining several patents, writing a chapter in a chemistry book, and becoming the North American Technical Director of a 2 billion dollar chemical company. He received an MBA in finance from Case University in 1983, and, just before he retired in 2002, rather than consulting with a Certified Financial Planner, he took the CFP program at Oglethorper University and passed the national CFP boards (bar exam equivalent) in 2001, the hardest thing he has ever done academically.

Real Estate Investing

Steve's real estate investing started in 1979, with a brand new duplex in Kent, Ohio. This duplex opened his eyes to the world of student housing (by accident, who knew Kent State university was less than a mile away?). Steve quickly acquired two brick four family buildings and a single family home at Akron University, then moved to New England  a couple of years later with his “day job” and put his real estate interest on hold, selling the Akron properties for large profits. The profits from the two quads paid for three college educations for his kids.

Shortly after arriving in Georgia in 1992, Steve initially acquired about 2 dozen student condos in Clemson, SC as well as twelve non-student condos in Alpharetta, GA.  In 1997 he authored “Dormitory Dollars,” the first book ever written on how to invest in the student housing market. Including flips, Steve has held about 80 rental properties over his career, with 40-50 being the most he has held at one time.

The Move to "Passive Income"

Steve was able to “quit his day job” and just plain retire in 2002. He emphasizes... "my pension was $479/month, I did not have an annuity of any kind, and I was too young to take Social Security by seven years! I learned how to blend stock and RE income to live a very nice lifestyle."

After retiring, rather than getting seriously into real estate, the numbers told him to “cash out” in 2004/5, and he sold dozens of paid or near paid for condos and got very lazy. He continues to sell when the numbers tell him to, and sold his last two student condos in 2017, and one of his three beach houses in 2018. His portfolio now is down to 5 condos, and two 4 bedroom oceanfront homes. The beach properties are held in a partnership with his daughter, Lynne.


After about a decade of golfing, traveling, and enjoying his car obsession, Steve came back to GaREIA, driven by “boredom” and a desire to give back.  He has served on the GaREIA Board of Directors as Secretary and Treasurer. He currently is a co-leader of the Dealmakers Subgroup, an instructor in the GaREIA Fast Start and Buy & Hold Boot Camps, as well as the Coach for GaREIA's Mastering Passive Income Coaching Program. Steve's current interests are private money lending and retirement planning.

More on what people are saying about the Mastering Passive Income 90 Day Coaching Program:

100% said they “would recommend this seminar to others”

100% said this would “help them in their real estate careers”

-    “We need to somehow convince every member they have to attend.”  “Wish I had something like this 30 yrs ago” (8 yr investor) 

-    “Best class, most helpful I’ve ever been to. Wish I had the opportunity when I first started investing in RE. Very important when you leave your day job”.  ( Note: student rated the value of the topics a 20 on a 1-10 scale! full time investor with 20 properties)

-   “Steve is the most knowledgeable financial planner I have yet encountered. The only person who can tie together the real estate component with the other investments. Well done “. (10 properties)

-   “It was perfect. Amazing! Educational! Motivating!” (1 yr investor)

-   “Eye opener, changed my perspective on investment goals” (3 yr investor)

-   “it was all good, more than expected” (new investor)

-   “I wish I had taken something like this years ago. I plan on digging deeper, using this as my financial education base. Possibly it’s just me, but this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my financial future.”

-   “all of it is very practical” (20 yr investor)

-   “Probably the best most useful in my career / life. Should be the first seminar an investor should take” ( 30 yr investor with 14 yrs real estate)

-   “great job, this class was very informative” (one yr investor)

-   “Very informative and very interesting. Would be very beneficial to a new RE investor” (12 yr investor )

-   “Excellent, was very thorough” (10 yr investor)

-   “Real estate investing and exit strategies; things I had not thought of. Good handouts and slides” (20 yr investor)

-   “I think Steve has been able to turn me from a fix and flip strategy to buy and hold. I am confident that if I follow his advice I will be successful and retire in peace” 

-   Excellent, 10’s across the board for overall presentation, knowledge, clarity and value of the topics… (8 year investor)

-  “Good information, some new, some a good review” (1 yr investor)

-  “Good starting point to work backwards from. Now I can clarify my retirement goals and make decisions today that align with those goals” (1 yr investor)

-   “Very good info which will prompt me to organize and project” (full time investor / 20 properties)

-   “Great information very valuable to anyone planning for a comfortable retirement” (new investor)

-   “Great information and was presented at just the right speed” (new investor)

-   “Very good session, learned a lot” (10 yr investor)

-   “Great value. This is great education and practical”

-   “A lot of info that I will use for life”

-   “I have been very pleased with the way he presented everything. Helps me to look at things I am doing in more detail” (12 yr investor)

-   “Lots of good stuff and things to plan long term. Wish I had done something like this years ago”

-   “Good info, well organized” (new investor)

-   “Good information for everyone regardless of stage of retirement planning” (new investor)  

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