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Evening with an Expert: "Thinking Strategically About Real Estate and Stocks, Steve Laube, 7 pm

Thursday, January 11

Evening with an Expert: "Thinking Strategically About Real Estate and Stocks"

presented by Steve Laube

Steve Laube

Bring your financial calculators and participate!! Bet against Steve Laube as he tries to calculate loan payment, cash flow, amortization, appreciation, and NOI for random, audience generated cap rates and purchase prices... and he thinks he will beat all the financial calculators in the room!

We have heard rumors about Steve's "losing it"  but this could definitely cause his kids to have concerns!!

Conversely, we have not heard anything about Steve having good math skills and being able to calculate loan payments and amortization in his head! Could be fun... or embarrassing!

Learn more about Steve's January 27-28 Mastering Passive Income Seminar: Part One - Stocks and Real Estate!  More info

About the Instructor

Starting life as a nerdy scientist with a BS in chemistry, a keen interest in things financial lead Steve to get an MBA in finance and to take the CFP (certified financial planner) program at Oglethorpe. He passed the national CFP boards (bar exam equivalent) in 2001; the hardest thing he has ever done academically.

Actually earning money with his chemistry degree, a 28 year career with Cabot Corporation, a $3 billion dollar chemical company based out of Boston, Massachusetts owned largely by the infamous Cabot family,  included becoming the technical director for North America. Using his MBA, he also served as the global business development manager for several years.  He holds four “nerdy” chemistry patents and co-authored a chapter in a “chemistry book” for the rubber industry.

His real estate investing started in 1979, with a brand new duplex in Kent, Ohio. This duplex opened his eyes to the world of student housing (by accident, who knew Kent State university was less than a mile away?). Steve quickly acquired two brick four family buildings and a single family home at Akron University, then moved to New England  a couple of years later with his “day job” and put his real estate interest on hold, selling the Akron properties for large profits.

Shortly after arriving in Georgia in 1992, Steve initially acquired about 2 dozen student condos in Clemson, SC as well as twelve non-student condos in Alpharetta, GA.  In 1997 he authored “Dormitory Dollars,” the first book ever written on how to invest in the student housing market. Including flips, Steve has held about 80 rental properties over his career, with 40-50 being the most he has held at one time. Steve was able to “quit his day job” and just plain retire in 2002, but rather than getting seriously into real estate the numbers told him to “cash out” in 2004/5, and he sold dozens of paid or near paid for condos and got very lazy. His portfolio now is down to 9 condos, and also includes three beach properties; two four bedroom oceanfront homes and a near oceanfront 7 bedroom home. The beach properties are held in a partnership with his daughter Lynne.

After about a decade of golfing, traveling, and enjoying his car obsession, Steve came back to GaREIA, driven by “boredom” and a desire to give back.  He is a co-leader of the Dealmakers Subgroup, an instructor in the GaREIA Fast Start and Buy & Hold Boot Camps and GaREIA's Mastering Passive Income seminars, and is a former GaREIA Board member.  Steve's current interests are private money lending and retirement planning.


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