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Tax Sale Mastery Event, Greenville SC, May 19-21 $$

Tax Sale Mastery Event

May 19 - 21

Greenville SC

presented by

Tom DiAgostino &

Three Days Live Hands-On Workshop

The live event is three days of immersion learning how to leverage tax sales for all the deals you’ll ever need, at prices that will make you think you’re stealing them. Special Operations are just that - special, intense, and with a big payoff for success. To achieve that, the preparation is repetitive until it’s right every time. Networking, roundtables Q&A’s, laptop research work, advance skills, etc. Students come out of this event going 100 mph toward their income goals!

Come Enjoy Intensive Training

Get all the deals you want from the LEAST competitive sources.

Learn FIVE strategies to pull the most profit from Tax Sales, even if you're just starting out.

Learn how to buy good properties DIRECTLY from the county, it's like shopping at Walmart.

Discover how to purchase great, secure liens Over-the-Counter for the maximum interest rate allowed by the state every time.

Learn how to know when TO buy and when NOT TO buy. This is the most important lesson any investor must know!

Invest with the LEAST RISK, for the MOST PROFIT and do it year after year after year. Generational Income your family can enjoy and never go back to the rat race.


Existing Students Get a FULL CREDIT for what you’ve already purchased!

Link to Fortris Tax Sale Training Website for More Info

Please return to this calendar event to register!

Also included are these success resources:

  • Elite Tax Sale Training Manual - How to Create Generational Wealth with Tax Liens and Deeds and get Out of the Rat Race Forever.
  • 10 Live Videos - This is 10 videos of OVER THE SHOULDER training as we uncover each strategy and how to implement them successfully. We provide real-life experiences, successes and struggles so you can start right away and skip our years spent figuring out what to do and what not to do!
  • Annual Wealth Roadmap - Each month Tom & Corey share their analysis on where to narrow the focus for purchasing Liens or Deeds throughout the US. This process helps you establish where to buy in the best spots any given month. Once this roadmap is complete and customized for your investment style, you simply follow it each year for Generation Wealth! It’s simply rinse and repeat.
  • Best Location Case Study - Follow along as we walk you through lien purchases and deed purchases in our favorite fishing hole. Details of the calls, the forms, the timing, the renovations, everything to see how it comes together so you can do it too!
  • Research Assistant - The Automated Research Assistant software is the virtual assistant you always wanted and could never find! She’s on-time, fast, consistent, nice, easy to tell what to do, cheap, and can get all the necessary data from the country so you know what properties are on the delinquent tax list you want to invest in!
  • Fortris Real Estate - This website allows you to list and sell residential or commercial liens, properties, notes and even find partners through many of the same methods as eBay!
  • Forms - Everything you need - This has everything you need to start communicating with counties, researching with diligence checklists, wholesaling deals, presenting properties to private lenders, marketing to motivated tax lists as well as buyers for your properties! Don’t re-invent the wheel, just do what we do and make money.
  • Quick Start Video - One hour video with Corey that gets you started making deals right away! We want you to be successful straight out of the box and this overview explains what you’ll be doing to find great properties.
  • Weekly Group Q & A Calls - Each week we hold a Fortris Focus Friday group call to cover training updates and answer Command Center members questions on any topic, renovation, private money, IRA investing, tax sales, deals, talking to counties, anything needed to keep moving in the right direction! These calls are pre-recorded and made available online!
  • 6 Months Command Center Access - Access to the command center includes: The Collaboration Center to communicate and partner with hundreds of other members! The Research Center for checklists, a national tax sale directory map, and other tools for completing thorough diligence. The Tax Sale Center with a Calendar of almost every auction in the US and most property lists attached FOR YOU! Also see VIP training from Tom and Corey to stay on Top of the Market.

Day 1 - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Day 2 - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Day 3 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

- How to get WAY MORE deal flow in your buiness with these hidden opportunities in tax sales. Mind gold everywhere.

- How to maximize interest earnings when you don’t want to own property but still enjoy its security.

- How buying across county is no different then buying across town.

- How to effectively get private money through individuals and crowdfunding.

- How to know which exit strategies are best for different investors and different properties.

- How to properly renovate properties depending on your exit strategy.

- Why you should almost NEVER wholesale properties and never need to anyway.

- What to expect in the future of the economy with respect to real estate. You must have proper vision or you’ll walk into a trap!

Finally Learn How to CONSISTENTLY Make Money in Real Estate

Get this COMPLETE Intensive Training in Profiting Big From Tax Sales for Just $1497

Link to Fortris Tax Sale Training Website for More Info

Then Come Back to this Calendar Event to Register!


Date and Time
Start Date: 05/19/2017 Start Time: 8:30 AM
End Date: 05/19/2017 Approx. End Time: 5:00 PM
Registration Deadline: 05/17/2017 Meet Time: 8:30 AM
Event Leader
Karen Yaap
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Registration $1,497.00 05/17/2017
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Event Location: Hilton Greenville
Address: 45 West Orchard Park Dr , Greenville , SC   29615
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