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Georgia REIA General Meeting, Monday February 13, Investor Panel 5:30 pm $$

Monday February 13

Georgia REIA General Meeting

"Homegrown & In The Trenches"

Investor Panel, Arthur Horton, Curt Smith, LaShannon White, Steve Laube

Doors Open at 5:30 pm!

Wyndham Atlanta Galleria, 6345 Powers Ferry Rd, Atlanta 30339

Join us at our February 13 General Meeting for great networking and a great panel of active investors and fellow GaREIA members!  Bring your questions!

What You Will Learn at the Event

  • Best ways to avoid mistakes in your real estate investing business
  • Why is buy and hold a good strategy?
  • What is quickest way to financial freedom, i.e., owning 5-10 properties free and clear in 5-10 years, while working a J.O.B.?
  • What other advantages / interesting options does owning 5-10 properties free and clear give you?
  • Where / how do you learn what's entailed in being a good landlord and having good tenants?
  • Can you make money wholesaling?
  • What are common creative financing strategies?
  • How does being a GaREIA member help you in your real estate investing business?
  • How does helping other GaREIA members succeed benefit you?
  • Is having a network and connecting with like-minded people really that important to success?
  • What are most important things lenders are looking for when you are looking for financing?

About Our Panelists

Arthur Horton

Arthur Horton is Founder and General Manager of Bizstar, LLC, a privately held real estate investment firm that specializes in the single family residential market.  Arthur previously served as General Manager of Real Estate Sales & Consulting, LLC and has also held leadership roles with Ernst & Young, LLC, Alorica, and Computer Generated Solutions. 


Currently, Arthur serves as Acting President of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA) in Metro Atlanta.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Science from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and a MBA with a General Management concentration from Keller Graduate School in Decatur, GA.  


Arthur has extensive business operations and strategic management experience in establishing businesses in Metro Atlanta.  His background brings significant value to the GaREIA organization as we execute our growth strategy. He also has leadership experience in customer service and service delivery, key customer focuses for GaREIA.   

Curt Smith

  • 25 year career as a software engineer, recently left the day job; now a full time real estate investor.
  • In 2010 I saw the drop in the housing market just as I was thinking "how will I live in retirement?"
  • I started reading books off Amazon on how to get started in real estate, some by Wendy Patton, a good person and early book author.
  • Then I met a GaREIA board member, Brad Popp, on line via a site he was advertising a wholesale on.  I contacted Brad and he was, as everyone at GaREIA is, extremely helpful and helped me get started buying my first buy-fix-rent in Norcross.
  • Brad continued to help me get started by encouraging me and my wife to join GaREIA and get involved taking training and buying some speakers systems
  • Some 5 years later our real estate company now has 37 rentals or owner financed deals cash flowing in our IRAs and LLC.
  • What being a member of the GaREIA Board of Directors and an instructor at GaREIA has done for me:
    • Being on the GaREIA Board has been a great experience meeting more of the Atlanta real estate movers and shakers.
    • I have met GaREIA wholesalers and bought their properties that I would not have met if I was not very active.
    • Helping other investors forces my wife and I to think more clearly and be precise with good advice for new folks. I truly enjoy helping others succeed. This is why I give my time teaching classes at GaREIA, and am an active participant in great discussions, and questions / answers on our members only online discussion google groups.  

Shannon White

LaShannon White has been on the Path of Entrepreneurship since 1997. Leading up to that point, she had traded eight years of her life to Peachtree Staffing Services. From 1997-2004 LaShannon was the Owner / Operator of Sunshine Staffing Services. 


LaShannon’s Story

I was bitten by the real estate bug in 2004. I was determined to change my life. I closed my staffing agency and settled for a very small profit, just be able to walk away. The profit was only enough to live on for a month, so you can imagine my stress level at the time. With a husband who wasn’t making much money, and a little girl whom I loved so much, I knew my life could not become a success if I did not take massive action to make changes in my life.

I started out in the real estate business with no experience, just like you. Believe it or not, when I started, no one in my local area was willing to freely share their experience on how they got started. All I wanted was a better financial life for me and my family, just like you. I couldn’t even pay for my daughter (now 18 year old) to go to her dance classes. I had to find a way out of my situation -- fast!

One night I was watching late night infomercials and these two little guys came on. They were sharing their story on how much money they earned wholesaling houses! I sat there in amazement, watching and listening to these guys, telling myself that what they were sharing was too good to be true! I had never known anyone to make $5,000 in less than 30 days!!! I was willing to step out on faith and try my hand at wholesaling houses, because I had nothing to lose. I was already broke anyway, so when the number flashed across the TV screen, I dialed that number so fast, spoke to the live operator on the other end and told her I was ready to CHANGE MY LIFE!!! By the way, the seminar was FREE!!!!

It was finally my time! I had finally stumbled across someone willing to help me!!! I went to the seminar that Saturday morning and heard the strategies that were presented and thought to myself, “I AM GOING TO DO THIS, AND GIVE IT ALL I GOT!!!”  But, at the seminar they wanted you to pay for the membership and to buy the full course… and I had no MONEY!!! I started to feel defeated once again.

Guess what happened???

Because there were not many people who attended the event, I was able to sit down with the Godfather of Real Estate, Ron LeGrand, and discuss a deal I had found and taken with me! Ron took the time to show me exactly what to do, step by step. I wrote down every word on a napkin, how to put together my first deal… step by step!! I did my first deal within 3 weeks of meeting the Godfather!! I was determined, and very, very hungry for a life change.

My first deal landed me a big, fat check for $3,000! Yes, that''s right, $3,000!!!  My 2nd deal was not as difficult because I was able to get the course and receive the training I needed to make the transaction smooth. I made my first $5,000!  After my 2nd deal, there was no stopping me! I went onto my 3rd deal and by that point I was hooked for life! I was on my way to creating the life style and FREEDOM that this Real Estate business had to offer for me! So, if you think you can, you can!

Since then I’ve closed over 80 deals and am an active Real Estate Investor in today’s market! I must credit Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA) for having amazing speakers and boot camps to help me down this path!

Important as well is my constant desire to be a student of this business and to learn as much about wholesaling to become a true success! Teaching others what I have learned has become my passion.  Helping a student become successful and see them change their life, like I changed mine, inspires me every day!  We started our FIND It, FLIP It, CASH It© Wholesaling Coaching Program at GaREIA in January 2017 and I am so excited to be working with a great group of new investors -- who are excited about finding motivated sellers and making offers!!!

Real Estate will change your life! Just as it did for me! Now, both my daughters have a full-time mom, who can support them every step of the way as they grow and develop into successful young ladies. 

Steve Laube

Starting life as a nerdy scientist with a BS in chemistry, a keen interest in things financial lead Steve Laube to get an MBA in finance and to take the CFP (certified financial planner) program at Oglethorpe. He passed the national CFP boards (bar exam equivalent) in 2001; the hardest thing he has ever done academically.

Actually earning money with his chemistry degree, a 28 year career with Cabot Corporation, a $3 billion dollar chemical company based out of Boston, Massachusetts owned largely by the infamous Cabot family,  included becoming the technical director for North America. Using his MBA, he also served as the global business development manager for several years.  He holds four “nerdy” chemistry patents and co-authored a chapter in a “chemistry book” for the rubber industry.

His real estate investing started in 1979, with a brand new duplex in Kent, Ohio. This duplex opened his eyes to the world of student housing (by accident, who knew Kent State university was less than a mile away?). Steve quickly acquired two brick four family buildings and a single family home at Akron University, then moved to New England  a couple of years later with his “day job” and put his real estate interest on hold, selling the Akron properties for large profits.

Shortly after arriving in Georgia in 1992, Steve initially acquired about 2 dozen student condos in Clemson, SC as well as twelve non-student condos in Alpharetta, GA.  In 1997 he authored “Dormitory Dollars,” the first book ever written on how to invest in the student housing market.  Including flips, Steve has held about 80 rental properties over his career, with 40-50 being the most he has held at one time. Steve was able to “quit his day job” and just plain retire in 2002, but rather than getting seriously into real estate the numbers told him to “cash out” in 2004/5, and he sold dozens of paid or near paid for condos and got very lazy.   His portfolio now is down to 9 condos, and also includes three beach properties; two four bedroom oceanfront homes and a near oceanfront 7 bedroom home. The beach properties are held in a partnership with his daughter Lynne.

After about a decade of golfing, traveling, and enjoying his car obsession, Steve came back to GaREIA, driven by “boredom” and a desire to give back.  He currently serves on the GaREIA Board of Directors as Treasurer; is a co-leader of the Dealmakers Subgroup, an instructor in the GaREIA Boot Camp, as well as the Coach for the GaREIA Mastering Passive Income Coaching Program.  Steve's current interests are private money lending and retirement planning.

Schedule for the Evening

5:30 pm  Networking / Meet Our Business Associates!

6:30 pm  Welcome / Introduction / Announcements, Arthur Horton

                Marketing Session

                Success Stories

7:30 pm  Keynote Presentation: Investor Panel, "Homegrown & In The Trenches"

9:00 pm  Networking / Adjourn

And, of course, after the meeting:  MORE NETWORKING at the nearby Rose & Crown Restaurant, 1931 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta 30339 770-933-5595

Georgia REIA Monthly General Meeting is held the 2nd Monday of every month at the Wyndham Atlanta Galleria, 6345 Powers Ferry Rd, Atlanta 30339

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