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Free 3-Hour Workshop: "The Upsides of a Downturn: Strategies for Thriving in a Changing Market"

September 29th, 9 a.m. to noon (RSVP for the Location)

Sponsored by REIN

Open to the public

No expensive seminars or courses for sale!

        When you understand the real estate market—what’s happening with prices, rents, inventory, and financing—it’s a whole lot easier to start (or build) a real estate renting or flipping business that makes money.

When you understand what’s likely to happen NEXT in the market, it’s a whole lot easier to make plans now that will make you millions as the market changes.

        So how about spending a few hours learning what’s really happening in the Nashville-area market today, so you evaluate the right strategies for you, without all the hype?

This Free Workshop, Courtesy of REIN,
Shows You What’s Actually Working, What’s Not,
And What YOU Need to do to Prosper…

        No matter what those big seminar companies tell you, not every strategy works equally well in every market at every time.

        Those of us who make our living renting, wholesaling, lease/optioning, and retailing right here in the Nashville area know that our market is not the San Diego market, or the Phoenix market.

        And we’re giving you the opportunity to look at the LOCAL trends, numbers, and strategies—and to meet others who are creating fortunes investing right here in OUR market—at this workshop.

You Might Learn More in this 3 Hours
Than at Seminars You’ve Paid Thousands For.

     Your instructor is Vena Jones-Cox, past president of that National Real Estate Investors Association and 25-year veteran of the investing business. She’s done over 1,000 deals, and really keeps her fingers on the pulse of the business.

       Get to this workshop, where we guarantee that she’ll share:

·         When we’re likely to see that next real estate bubble, and what to do to prepare yourself to make millions when it happens


·         When the massive decline in deal inventory, increase in competition, and continued lack of easy financing might ease up, and what to do when it does, and what to do in the meantime so that you can be making money NOW and keep making it, come what may


·         What the “hot” market means to you as a wholesaler, retailer, note buyer, or landlord in terms of how you should be focusing your time and energy


·         The best, most implementable ways for YOU to buy, sell, rent, and finance deals for maximum profit in the next 12 months


·         Which strategies you need to learn and focus on NOW, so that you don’t waste your time or spin your wheels with outdated information


To Summarize:


1.   You’ll find out what’s going on in the market today—and what’s probably next

2.   You’ll learn which strategies actually WORK, and are easy, and make money

3.   You’ll meet lots of valuable contacts and colleagues

4.   It’s free

5.   You won’t be sold a $50,000 education package

6.   You should come

You Do Need to Save Your Seat,
‘Cause We Only Have 70 of Them…

You can do that at or by calling (888) 551-9389. You’ll get the location when you RSVP.

We hope you’ll take us up on this unique chance to step back and look at what you really SHOULD be doing in the real estate market, without all the hype and hardcore sales.

Looking forward to seeing you on September 29th!

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