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Asian Hot Pot 

Join us for good conversation and good food and beverage as we explore a different cultural dining style for the evening.

Hot Pot is ideal for communal dining in social settings, and is especially popular throughout Asia. A hot pot is served in a metal container with a shallow, circular moat for the broth surrounding a tall chimney for burning coals to heat the broth. Clay vessels may be used for hot pot dishes, and the warmer may be installed as a fixture in the dining table. There are many regional styles, especially in Beijing and the provinces of Szechuan, Yunan, and Canton in China where they are referred to as Fire Pots. Chinese cuisine includes Mongolian and Manchurian hot pots, and Taiwan has its own regional style. The broth for Chinese hot pots varies from mild to spicy.

Ingredients include a wide array of meats, seafood, and vegetables. Noodles, dumplings, and tofu are often added toward the end of the meal when the broth is served as a soup.

Shabu/Fondue has great ratings online including on Yelp!, and prides themselves in serving gluten free, fresh, vegetarian, and high quality meats for those with dietary preferences. Click here for their website.

We''ll meet to enjoy this wonderful new cuisine tonight at 6:30 PM. Please try to be on time for our reservation, and text or call your Event Leader if you are going to be late.

Event: Dinner with Friends: Asian Hot Pot

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Event Summary: 6:30 PM - Phoenix - Join us for good conversation and good food and beverage as we explore a different culture for the evening.
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