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Dreamy Draw Dam - Alien Graveyard

According to those "in the know," an alien craft rocketed through Earth's atmosphere in October of 1947, dove for the American Southwest, misjudged its landing, and made an unscheduled—and permanent—stop in lower Arizona. Apparently, the ship's pilots overestimated their altitude, encountered mechanical failure or simply fell into hyperspace hypnosis, and slammed headlong into the desert. 

 One version of the story has the craft plummeting into a landfill in Cave Creek, but the more   popular account states that it ploughed into the sandy base of Squaw Peak, just outside   downtown Phoenix.

 What's more, two four-and-a-half-foot creatures   were reportedly recovered from the wreckage,   held briefly in cold storage inside a local screwball's deep-freeze, then promptly collected by the   men in dark sunglasses. After the pair of extraterrestrials was retrieved, the government, in   typical fashion, covered the whole thing up…with infrastructure.

 Let's go alien hunting - The hike is considered easy, we will stick to the more flat areas.  Please   make sure you bring plenty of water, snacks and good sturdy hiking shoes.  After the hike we can   head out for a lunch in the area.  

 ***Please remember to wear good hiking shoes, and to bring plenty of water and snacks for all hikes.  Our activity coordinator/hike leader has the right to turn people away from a hike if they are not properly prepared, for their safety and for the safety of the group.***


Event: Dreamy Draw Dam

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