The NJMTB is a separate non profit corporation that is an affiliate of the NJWMA and is overseen by the Executive committee of NJWMA. Its primary function is to create and maintain tariff rules, regulations and define the standard terms of conditions for industry services that carriers may offer for its members for intrastestate moving. NJMTB has developed a joint tariff of individually published rates for its members that fall within the guidelines of the FTC and their rules and regulations for the performance of services as a public mover and or warehouseman between points within the state of New Jersey . The base tariff with its standard terms and conditions in its copyrighted format has been accepted and approved by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs as pursuant to N.J.A.C. 13:44D-3.1 as well as all preceding regulatory agencies since 1969 when moving first became regulated in New Jersey .



The State of New Jersey regulatory agency, The Division of Consumer Affairs, requires all movers to publish and maintain the rates they will charge consumers in a tariff of proper format and submit that tariff to the DCA to be kept on file for that mover.  Movers are also allowed to file a change of rates only twice a year. The NJMTB provides full tariff services for its members and files the requested rates  on that mover’s behalf as well as filing rate changes for members twice a year upon written member requests for changes.  Each carrier must independently supply the moving and accessorial rates that they request NJMTB to file with the Director of The Division of Consumer Affairs in their behalf. Only the Executive Director of NJMTB can review and discuss tariffs with each individual member; such discussions are limited to the method, applicability or type of charges, not to the actual rates that the carrier has filed. The NJMTB will publish individual rates and does not suggest or recommend rates to any of its members.  Whatever rates the member needs, requires, or desires are filed for that member and are subject to acceptance by the Director of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs.



The NJMTB will act as the designated agent of record for members. We also provide a professional answer source for members or those people first entering the moving industry to help them understand the complicated rules and regulations of the industry. Additionally, the NJMTB will also provide assistance for prospective new movers who want to become licensed movers. We help them by explaining NJ regulations as they complete the licensing application before filing it with the DCA, review paperwork with the applicant and provide them with the state required tariff for their submission for a license.

If you are a licensed mover and would like to apply for membership to The NJ Movers Tariff Bureau, please click on the application below, print the form, complete the information and return it by mail with your check to NJ Movers Tariff Bureau. We also must receive a copy of each of the following documents: (1) NJ movers license (2) Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership (3) Certificate of NJ Business Registation (4) Trade Name Certificate if you operate as a DBA company.  Once we receive the information, we will send you the tariff rate pages that must be completed by you with the rates you would like to have filed. You also will receive a desigination of Agent Form for you to complete.

Click here if you already have a NJ Movers License to download Word Documents-Tariff Bureau Application

If you are applying for a new movers license and need assistance with the tariff filing process, we can help. You may subscribe to a conditional membership to our copyrighted tariff. Please print and complete the conditional application form below to get started. You must know what rates you will want to charge. You will first need to set up the business or corporation, then make an appointment with the issuing agent for assistance. Contact the office for further details. (732)341-3934

If you have not yet obtained a NJ Movers License but have applied for a license with the Division of Consumer Affairs, and would like NJMTB to file a tariff with your rates,   Click here to download a Word Documents-Conditional Application for Tariff Membership


NJWMA, 94 East Water Street, Toms River, NJ  08753;   phone 732-341-3934, fax 732-341-5687


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