History Committee


Purpose: To document valuable dates, celebrate accomplishments, past award winners, milestones, pictures and any other important information.

The Texas Recreation Association was established on November 6, 1937. Though our organization has changed our name three more times over the years we will be 75 years old in 2012. This milestone in our history gives us the opportunity to reflex on the past and document important facts.

Take some time and remember the past and submit any photographs, memories, milestones and celebrations that will document our History!

Members: Chair, Vice-Chair, one member from each Region.

Past Presidents


Governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of the President, Past-President, President Elect, along with a director elected from each of the nine regions, the president of each of the eight branches of the organization, an Academis Director, two at-large directors, and ex -officio appointments from two of our strongest affiliate partnerships, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation. The Board meets quarterly at pre-determined locations around the state, and meetings are open to anyone interested in attending.

Please help us collect information on all those that have served TRAPS as President. Photograph of them at the time they were serving, Job Title and City represented, and current status, (address, e-mail, deceased, etc.)

Below is a list of the Past President - please submit additional information to Mendy Marshall at mendy1009@aol.com

Past Award Winners

Please help us locate all those that have served TRAPS as President.

Picture Name Years served City Represented and Job Title, when they were President Current status (address, e-mail address, deceased, etc.)
president photo E.R. Bowman 1938-1939 - -
president photo Corinne Fonde 1939-1940 - -
president photo Corinne Fonde 1940-1941 - -
president photo R. D. Evans 1941-1942 - -
president photo V.A. Kormeier 1942-1943 - -
president photo Alvin Eggeling 1943-1944 - -
president photo L.B. Houston 1944-1945 Dallas Deceased
president photo L.B. Houston 1945-1946 Dallas Deceased
president photo Foster Blaidsdell 1946-1947 - -
president photo W.P. Witt 1947-1948 - -
president photo Beverly Sheffield 1948-1949 Director Austin PARD Deceased
president photo Beverly Sheffield 1949-1950 Director,Austin PARD Deceased
president photo R.L. Dixon 1950-1951 - -
president photo Robert W. Mooreman 1951-1952 - -
president photo A.C. Hamilton 1952-1953 San Antonio Deceased
president photo Lou Hamilton 1953-1954 - -
president photo W. H. Keeling 1954-1955 Dallas Deceased
president photo Joe Prowse 1955-1956 - -
president photo Lillian Schwertz 1956-1957 - Deceases
president photo Robert L. Shelton 1957-1958 - -
president photo Spencer P. Ellis 1958-1959 - -
president photo Alva Stem 1959-1960 Waco Retired
president photo Alva Stem 1960-1961 Waco Retired
president photo Dr. George Lowrey Jr. 1961-1962 - -
president photo Richard Walker 1962-1963 Lubbock Deceased
president photo William P. Witt 1963-1964 - -
president photo Jack O. Ashworth 1964-1965 Ft. Worth, Assistand Director Retired
president photo Marvin Austin 1965-1966 Arlington, Supt. of Recreation Deceased
Roy Guerrero Roy Guerrero 1966-1967 Austin Deceased
president photo June Finck 1967-1968 - -
president photo Don Maddox 1968-1969 San Antonio -
president photo Warren Leddick 1969-1970 - -
Leonard Ehrler Leonard Ehrler 1970-1971 Director, Austin PARD Deceased
- Dick Castleberry 1971-1972 - -
president photo Bill Enlow 1972-1973 Director, Irving PARD Retired
president photo Jack O. Ashworth 1973-1974 Assistant Director, Corpus Christi PARD Retired
president photo Terry Dopson 1974-1975 Corpus Christi Retired
president photo Johnny Carmichael 1975-1976 - -
president photo Jack Robinson 1976-1977 Director, Austin PARD Retired
president photo John Hughes 1977-1978 Recreation Superintendent, Austin PARD  
president photo Dr. James Kitchen 1978-1979 Prof. Texas Tech, San Antonio Deceased
president photo Ronald Darner 1979-1980 Director, San Antonio PARD Deceased
president photo Susan Eaves 1980-1981 Supt. of Recreation, Arlington PARD Retired
president photo Bobby Rountree 1981-1982 Director, Baytown PARD Retired
president photo Dr. B. Dan Kamp 1982-1983 Texas A&M -
Jack Ashworth Jack O. Ashworth 1983-1984 Fort Worth PARD Retired
president photo Dr. John Crompton 1984-1986 Professor, Texas A&M -
president photo Ty Probasco 1986-1987 Harris County, Houston Deceased
president photo Dr. Carson Watt 1987-1988 Texas A&M Retired
president photo Donna Brasher 1988-1989 Director,Arlington PARD Retired
president photo W.E. "Gene" Spearman 1989-1990 Dallas Retired
Fred Blumberg Fred Blumberg 1990-1991 - -
president photo Jody R. Hamilton 1991-1992 Austin PARD Deceased
president photo John Blackburn 1992-1993 - -
president photo David Loughridge 1993-1994 Director, Richardson PARD Retired
president photo Eddie Hueston 1994-1995 Assistant Director, Dallas Retired
president photo David Ondrias 1995-1996 Arlington -
president photo Dianne Darnell 1996-1997 Hurst Retired
president photo Alton Johnson 1997-1998 Richardson -
Tony Cisneros Marco A. "Tony" Cisneros 1998-1999 Director, Bryan/Corpus Christi PARD -
president photo Malcolm Matthews 1999-2000 Director, Corpus Christi/San Antonio PARD -malcolm.matthews@kerrvilletx.gov
president photo Tim O'Connor 2000-2001 - toconner@westu.org
president photo Stacey Laird 2001-2002 Director, New Braunfels PARD slaird@nbtexas.org
president photo Jane Dembski 2002-2003 Director, Bellaire PARD jdemski@ci.bellaire.tx.us
president photo Dennis J. Harris 2003-2004 Director, Galveston County dennis.harris@co.galveston.tx.us
president photo Dale Bransford 2004-2005 San Antonio River Authority, Park Services Department Manager dbransford@sara-tx.org
president photo Dona Roth Kinney 2005-2006 Director, Keller PARD -
president photo John K. Powers 2006-2007 The Woodlands -
Sally Gavlik Sally Gavlik 2007-2008 Corpus Christi PARD, Director sgavlik@mcallen.net
president photo Doug Evans 2008-2009 Director,Grapevine PARD devans@grapevinetexas.gov
president photo Robert E. Armistead 2009-2010 Travis County robert.armistead@co.travis.tx.us
Monica Sue Walsh Monica Sue Walsh 2010-2011 Director,Colleyville PARD walshm@ci.colleyville.tx.us

Please submit any additional milestone to our history to Mendy Marshall at mendy1009@aol.com




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