Is it true that Adventures 2000 has 30+ local events every month? 
Yes.  After you have joined Adventures 2000, you can sign up for whatever events you want and meet new people who like to do the same things that you do.  It's a great way to make friends without the pressure of dating.  So, if you're a little shy or just out of practice being single, it's a perfect solution.  All you do is come to our new member icebreaker where everyone gets to know everyone else and you're friends in no time!  Sometimes even more. 

Why is Adventures 2000 better than a dating service?
Many singles services make grandiose promises of your impending marriage when they can't even provide you with a good date. Most former dating service members that join Adventures 2000 say they meet more exciting new people at their first event than they met in all the time they belonged to some dating service. Today you can meet people in places like online chat rooms but that can be dangerous, and how can it ever compare to having fun at real events with real people that you can see and interact with. With your computer, you can travel all over the world but the fact is, you're still all by yourself staring at your computer screen.

What kind of people join Adventures 2000?
All types of people join Adventures 2000. Typically our members are professional people who are proactive in their social lives but do not have the time or avenues they once had to meet interesting people. They're looking for these opportunities. Adventures 2000 makes this easy to do while allowing members the time to maximize windows for fun while they meet others. Our members are active, down-to-earth individuals looking to meet other people like themselves for friendship and fun.

Why do people join?
Maybe they just arrived in town, possibly just gotten out of a relationship, or they're bored with what they've been doing and ready to make a positive change. Many of our members realize that the majority of their friends are married or in a serious committed relationship. Joining Adventures 2000 provides them the perfect opportunity to expand their network of friends while maintaining an active social calendar.

Do people join by themselves?
Almost EVERYONE joins by themselves, usually because the majority of their friends are married, live in different parts of the country, or don't always have the same interests they have. But Adventures 2000 members never have to worry about being the only "new person" at an activity because Adventures 2000 accepts on average 80-100 new members each month.

Do members date other members?
Hundreds of couples meet through the club. Others develop life long friends. Some get together for two and three person bike trips or kayaking adventures and many of the members date one another. It's a natural way to enjoy single life or to find someone special just for you.

Do marriages ever happen?
Are you kidding? Of course! Hundreds of people have found each other at Adventures 2000. We get engagement announcements every month!

Is Adventures 2000 a comfortable place to be?
It sure is. A ticket for one "ain't no fun" and most people understand that. Adventures 2000 provides a great comfort zone. The acceptance from their peers that most new people experience when they become a member of Adventures 2000 is enough to bring the shyest person out of their shell. We've watched people go from being shy and reserved to being outgoing and really excited about life, simply because they feel included from the first day they join.

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