Whitewater Course Skill Levels

Level 0:

  • Have never been in a whitewater canoe or kayak OR
  • Have paddled in a whitewater kayak/canoe less than five times OR
  • Are switching from another craft to a whitewater kayak/canoe

Level 1:

  • Paddle with effective strokes
  • Have paddled a whitewater kayak/canoe 5-10 times on whitewater in the last year
  • Understand and execute basic ferries, peel-outs and eddy turns
  • Demonstrate river stewardship
  • Self rescue
  • Perform wet exits with ease
  • Successfully performed a flat water roll in the last year
  • Attempted rolls in current or last year

Level 2:

  • Paddle Class II rivers consistently and confidently
  • Completed whitewater river trips at least five times in a kayak/canoe in the last year
  • Be able to choose your own route down rapids/rivers
  • Perform crisp ferries, peel-outs and eddy turns in Class II whitewater
  • Have the desire to improve techniques by using better body mechanics
  • Are able to maintain upright posture
  • Roll consistently on Class II whitewater
  • Self-rescue regularly; including gear
  • Assist others with rescue
  • Use off-side strokes

Level 3:

  • Paddle Class II whitewater consistently and confidently
  • Have done an adventure trip with class IV rapids
  • Lead others down rapids/rivers on Class II water
  • Catch one-boat eddies on Class II Water
  • Attempt challenging moves
  • Are able to maintain upright posture
  • Roll reliably on Class II whitewater
  • Attempt hands and off-side rolls
  • Perform effective high and low braces
  • Assist others with rescues
  • Perform off-side strokes proficiently

Level 4:

  • Paddle and play in class III+ rivers
  • Have done multiple adventure trips
  • Eddy hop through rapids
  • Boat scout class III+
  • Surf with relaxed confidence in class III+
  • Boat control primarily based on body mechanics (not on the paddle)
  • Consistent in making your line
  • Comfortable in whitewater even without a clear line of sight
  • Proactive about group safety
  • Assist others with rescues
  • Clearly and completely visualize rapids

Level 5:

  • Positive and proficient in class IV rivers
  • Have done multiple adventure trips
  • Consistently make challenging lines
  • Execute plan B's on demand
  • Comfortable boat control while vertical
  • Link moves confidently
  • Demonstrate conscientious group awareness
  • Able to respond positively to adversity

Level 6:

  • Relaxed and powerful in extreme conditions
  • Have done multiple adventure trips
  • Have protective gear
  • Execute quick swiftwater rescues
  • Use whole body to maneuver boat
  • Paddle regularly parcticing fundamentals of paddling
  • Never Give Up!


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