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Southeast Area Leadership Team

We always have a need for additional Assistant Area Directors. If interested in helping out, please contact
Ron Simmons- Southeast Area Director.

SEAD Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons Area Director

COG # 9847 - AMA # 3326358

I discovered two wheeled fun when I was about 11 and a friend brought his mini-bike over. After almost riding through a barbed wire fence and crashing impressively, I started actually listening to my dad’s stories about riding Army motorcycles in WWII. I saw “On Any Sunday” at 14, then walked outside and said, “I’ve GOT to get one of those…”. I went away to college in 1975 and promptly horrified my parents by spending part of tuition funds on a 1971 CB 350. I rode the mountains of north Georgia all through college, many days without seeing another bike. The north Georgia mountains were not yet the playground for Atlanta riders that they are today. Trading up to a brand new 1978 Honda Hawk saw me sliding through the rest of my college days, dreaming of being in the mountains on two wheels.

Life intervened, a beautiful girl became my wife (still married to her 37 years later) and motorcycles took a backseat in my life. We had a ski boat, two career jobs, three kids, and did the “new job transfer every six months” thing, but no bikes. When kid #3, who is son #2, was graduating from high school, the two wheeled life called my name and the itch was back. I became a COG Forum lurker, then a member, and I picked up a beautiful 2000 C-10 which I rode for five years. It had been over 30 years since that new Honda Hawk. Where DID the time go?

I sold the 2000 C-10 and felt lost without a bike. A new red 2014 C-14 came home with me not long afterward. New bike = Happy time!! My wife just smiled, put on her helmet, jacket, pants, and gloves and said, “Let’s go!” We like to RTE on the weekend, but while she’s a good sport, she doesn’t like sleeping on the ground. I like camping and my wife, so together we travel in our toy hauler with the Connie in the back. We had a great time in Cortez and accidentally wound up on the cover of the Concourier, shown riding on the Million Dollar Highway!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


The mountains are calling, and I must go.

Larry Buck At-Large Assistant AD

 COG 3491, Southeast AAD

I joined the Concours Owners Group shortly after purchasing my 1995 ZG-1000 in 1998. In 2003, I attended my first National Rally in Asheville, NC, put on by Calvin Underwood. The then SE-AD, Bryan Moody, was instrumental in getting me into Long Distance riding. He suggested I stretch the ride to Asheville to be over the 1,000 miles (in less than 24 hours) required to earn membership in the Ironbutt Association.  The IBA has also provided me the opportunities  to complete other Long Distance rides including the Bunburner 1,500, Bunburner 1,500 Gold, Saddlesore 5000, 100 CCC Insanity, and numerous competitive LD rallies.

Later, I was appointed the Assistant Area Director for Florida, and continued in that position until being elected Area Director in late, 2003. During my 4 years as Southeast Area Director, several new COG events were started; the “Okeechobee, Grouper Wing - Ding”, the ”Last Blast Before……”, Paul Heydemann’s “ Escape to the Conch Republic”, Jo Poole’s “Tax Relief Ride”,  Al Norcross’ “Citrus County Concours Cruise” and John Carver’s Georgia Mafia starting the “Winding Rivers & Roads Rally”.

Sometime during 2003, I started manufacturing helmet lock brackets and Tailbrights for the C-10, which became Buck Sport Touring (  The business continues to provide  accessories for the C-10, C-14 and Honda ST-1300/NT-700 motorcycles. It is a COG, Industry Member.

In 2010, I became the Concourier ZG-1000 (C-10), Technical Editor. I am also a MSF-Rider Coach, which keeps my plate pretty full of motorcycle related activities.   

In January of 2012, Al Norcross, our SE-AD, asked me to return to an active role in the Southeast area, and appointed me to be his at-large, Assistant Area Director.  Our goal is to help the other Southeast AAD’s provide activities and leadership to the COG members in their respective areas; a task I am eager to undertake.

Allen Chew

Allen Chew SE AAD- Alabama

Alabama AAD!

COG #10243

From Hilo, Hawaii originally but now I live in Leeds, Alabama.
9 years in the military as crew-chief on Cobra's & Blackhawks, love to fly.
Station in Virginia, West Germany, Georgia, and Alabama.
15 Years as a retail manager with Service Merchandise, Big Lots, Friedman's Jewelry, and Office Depot.  In 2006 I open my own Jewelry store in Trussville, Alabama, that I sold a year later to my partner.  Now I work for AT&T/YP in print, Internet, and direct mail advertising with yearly account sales of 600,00+

Got my 2005 ZG1000 Concours in April 2012.
After just a few days reading the COG forum I became a member.
I had been out of motorcycling for 20 years until I bought my current bike.
What I lack at riding experience, I make up with passion to do and ride better.

No Wife, No Kids, and with the exception of work, I get to enjoy my Hobbies and Riding.

Thomas Mann, North Florida AAD

COG# 8321

I purchased my `99 from someone in the DC area, flew up and rode it home in Jan`07. It had 13k miles on it then, and now has well over 70k. I ride it as my sole means of transportation and use it everyday. I'm always up for a good ride be it a day trip or long distance. It is now known as the Warbird and has 17" wheels at each end, C14 rear shock, plus many, many other modifications.

Steve Johnston, Central Florida AAD

COG# ____

Hiya from central Florida. Steve Johnston here. I've been an AAD for several years now and enjoy helping to keep things active in mid Florida. We do some Ride to Eat events to help fill the time between other activities. I retired on April Fool's Day of '16 and have been moto touring North America quite a bit since then.

I am currently Connie-less as a 650LT Versys has caught my fancy along with the KLR in the pic. I've met some really great folks through this club so I have no intention of moving on even though I no longer own a Concours. I'm just having too much fun.

Reid Yeargan

Reid Yeargan, South Georgia AAD

COG# 7384

After riding for about 20 yrs, I took a five year hiatus. Never could shake the longing to ride and I bought my 98 Concours last April and immediately joined the COG. I had already been looking at the COG website and was extremely impressed with the cooperation and camaraderie that I saw there. That is what I hope to bring to the SECOG. I love riding and I love getting together with people who also share this great passion. I look forward to meeting as many fellow COGers as possible. Let's head down the road!

Tom Sills

Tom Sills SE AAD- Georgia

COG #8892

 A newbie in almost every sense of the word, I began riding in 2005.  After starting with the MSF class, my first bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic.  Did 45,000 miles on it and began looking for one with better touring credentials.  Found a 1999 Connie nearby and it was love from the first test ride.  That led me to COG which ‘allowed’ me to practice my stand-up comedy routine at my first Rally. Thankfully, I have a day job.  Have since enjoyed hosting wrench sessions, RTEs and filled in as a Rallymeister.  Hope to meet someday!

Kurt Brown SE AAD- Georgia

COG #7115

I've been riding motorcycles since I turned 16 in 1978. My first vehicle was a motorcycle. I eventually got a 1978 KZ 650SR which I would terrorize the mountains of north Georgia with. Like most of us, life and family took a priority over motorcycles and my riding time diminished. Well fast forward to August 2005, I purchased a 2002 Concours with 5,200 miles on it and my journey began anew.

I joined COG but kept a pretty low profile. Having a family and children kept me busy with other activities. I slowly started to get more involved with COG activities as family life became less hectic. Now that the wife and I are empty nesters, I have the time to dedicate  to a life long passion of motorcycles and to get more involved in COG.

All this is made possible because I have the support of my wife, Kay, who is an associate COG member. She does not ride but rides pillion with me when ever possible. We have done everything from day trips to two week trips together and I could not ask for a better pillion and life partner.

The COG mantra of "Join for the bike, stay for the people" could not be more true. I've met and continue to meet some of the finest people in the country through COG. I'm hoping that my involvement as a COG AAD will continue to foster new friends and enable me to give back to COG.

Phil Rockwell SE AAD- Georgia

Phil is an Air Force brat and an Air Force retiree. He spent his childhood moving from California to England, to the Philippines to Washington DC. He enlisted in the Air Force way back in 1971 and after years of active and reserve duty and world-wide travel, he retired in 1999 from the reserves.
He spent 21 years with the state of Georgia, ten years with the Dept. of Labor and then eleven years with University Career Services at Georgia State University, retiring in Oct 2013.
Phil started riding in 1982 with a Yamaha XJS650 shaft, great bike! He progressed to a Yamaha XS1100, then a 2000 Concours and now has a ‘99 Connie with 80K. His one big desire now is to ride the Four Corners of the US, maybe with a few other shorter rides!
Phil looks forward to bringing together more Connie riders in the Atlanta area for rides and Third Thursday Dinners at Rocco’s in Marietta.
Feel free to connect with Phil via his email: or 770-365-1316

Robert Elliot, NE Georgia AAD




The Pope

John Darryl Pope SE AAD- North Carolina

COG #9994

 How do I start this? Hum ….. I was born at a very young age ... no... that’s not the way I should start.    O.k. … I’m a native of NC and I’ve lived here all but 2 years of my life (college). I’ve been married twice and have two sons (one of which, my youngest, is no longer with us) from my first marriage. I have an AAS in Electronics which I used in my first adult job with a computer manufacture. After that, I worked in a machine shop (mills, laths, break press, welding, etc…) for a few years. Since June of 1998 I’ve been employed by a global company that paints most of their product green. Some of you know this shade of green as John Deere Green. 

I joined the Concours Owners Group in January 2012, but I have been a lurker since 2007 when the discussion of what the new Connie (C14) would be. Like Tom Sills, I consider myself as a newbie as well, as I also began riding in 2005 after taking the MSF class with my oldest son. My first bike was a used 2005 Suzuki M50 which I felt was/is a great “starter” bike. But I soon learned that a cruiser wasn’t the bike for me as scraping hard parts is not a good thing. Due to a personal economic downturn, I had to give up the M50 and was without a bike for a few years. During this time there was a void in my life, an absence of the freedom that I and so many others get from riding a motorcycle.

Fast forward to early 2012 ….. After shedding something that had been holding me back (ex-wife #2), I was able to get my new to me 2011 C14! Life is good again! My Atomic Silver 2011 C14 was delivered February 4th 2012. It had 100 miles on the odometer and as of October 1st 2012 it has over 8800 miles on it and I look forward to putting many more miles on it over the years to come. 

Now let’s go ride!!!! 

Dave Scott SE AAD- North Carolina

COG #10074

Hi everyone!  I’ve been riding motorcycles since purchasing my first Suzuki GS450T back in 1985.  I’ve owned a variety of bikes in different styles over my 25+ years of riding, and there’s always been at least one in my garage.   I purchased my first Concours, a 2005 model, in January of 2008 and it’s been a love affair since then.  That bike immediately fit my style of riding and it’s accumulated a lot of miles over the years between serving as my commuter vehicle and various trips and day rides.  As many of us are, I’m a tinkerer.  I now have my 05 model just the way I want it.  In December of 2013 an opportunity came along to purchase a 2011 C14 that was just too good to pass up.  I now have both of them in the garage and spend my time riding both, comparing and contrasting the differences.
I’ve been in the IT industry my whole career, primarily in the banking industry.  My current position is with a retirement planning company.  After graduation, I started working in Ohio, then moved to Texas, and now living in North Carolina and loving it.  The weather is great here and access to the mountains and twisties is a big plus.
I have two grown boys whom I got to teach how to ride on a used Suzuki VX800.  I also have two grandsons now.  The older one is in love with baseball as I am, so I get to spend a lot of time with him at the ballpark.  I also have a camper on a semi-permanent lot at a local lake.  When not riding, that’s my favorite place to be whether putting around on the boat, or taking a nap on the porch.  Of course there’s also my Superhawk that I occasionally take to racetracks around the Southeast enjoying track days and seeing different areas.
I first joined COG back in 2009, not too long after purchasing my C10.  I did not get very involved back then due to not plugging into things here in NC.  I re-ignited my interest in COG a few years ago and have been attending and conducting various wrench sessions here in the north part of the SE region.  Everyone I have met with COG have been really great as are the new friendships formed!

Jim Culp

Jim Culp, South Carolina AAD

Retired military. Married with two grown children (one boy, one girl) and 3 grandchildren (2 boys & 1 girl) Enjoy hunting (Hunter Safety Instructor), scuba diving (Scuba Diving Instructor), flying (Private Pilot) and motorcycling (MSF RiderCoach). Currently ride a 2000 ZG1000 and a 2002 GoldWing (my wife's choice for riding 2 up).

Jack McVickers

Jack McVickers, Tennessee AAD

I have been a member of cog for many years and served as the south Alabama AAD.I retired from work and my wife, Gwynn, and I moved to middle Tennessee. We live right next to the Natchez Trace in a small town called Hohenwald in Lewis county.  Being retired has given me much more time to ride, and I am enjoying that.

Faisal Petro (Fais), Tennessee AAD

Welcome New Tennessee AAD!

Bought my first bike with lawn mowing money behind my parents' back!  It's only been uphill from there. I learned how to ride trying to force a 1976 Suzuki 125 enduro to wheelie and jump bayous in Texas. She was a big chrome bike and I had no good sense in me or around me at the time.

I joined COG immediately after meeting some of the fine folks in this club. This is the least judgmental, most accepting and varied club of bikers I've ever seen. This club isn't about a brand, it's about a model. One super cool model to be exact and I am lucky to have one. If you don't have a Connie, you probably like them and would enjoy camping with their owners!

I have had the great fortune of riding much of the U.S. on an '09. Left the country to operate a motorcycle tour company in Peru on Mavila 200cc singles in 2011 and came back this past Spring. I off-roaded on a KLR and VStrom on my own quite a bit - sometimes only going 25 miles in three days. I put miles on a scooter in Thailand and have ridden in some of the fiercest weather I have ever seen in Panama and Ecuador. It once took me 15 hours to get from Raleigh to Knoxville in a hail storm ahead of hurricane Fay that was so bad a State Trooper stopped me to advise me not to continue on my way. 'Sir, we do not have to send an ambulance up Black Mountain in this weather'. The hail had chipped the paint off the front of the bike and shredded an inferior rain suit. All I knew was I had to be at work the next day. Those are the kind of memories I cherish forever. Luckily, I live in East TN and have the opportunity to make new memories every time I get out on 2 wheels. Usually better ones that include cameras and smiling faces.

2015 should be a great year and I look forward to being a part of it. If you are in Tennessee please drop me a line. Let's got our heads together and have some fun! Lots of places to meet for lunch and argue about who had the nicest ride to get there.

Check out the calendar and bring your camping chair:-) Let's ride,
I can be contacted anytime @


Tom Snavely, Webmaster

COG# 9036

 Having ridden a motorcycle exclusively for years in as a teen - 24/7/365 without any of the great gear we have today, the fever had pretty much cooled for years. Until running into an Adventure Touring couple on their way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego slowly infected me again. That started the search, which led me to the COG Users group. Convinced that Connie was THE bike, I found a 2006 with 1100 miles on it to break in. “Low altitude flying” is now a huge thrill again, and I’m working on stamina and peg scraping.

Contributing to the group and helping out with a bit of web maintenance is my way of saying thanks.



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