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Resizing Your Images without Buying Expensive Software

I’ve been asked about how to resize images before uploading them to a website many of times.  What I want to do here is provide you with some resources for learning how to resize your images with out having to … Continue reading

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Linking to Library Documents

If you have a critical presentation or meeting minutes you need to disseminate to select Members or helpful documents or files you need to make available for your entire membership you can use the Memberize Document Library to quickly and … Continue reading

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Out with the old. In with the new. CMS and Menus.

We’ve updated the CMS area and the possibilities with your menus and their positioning.  It’s been a long time coming we know but this new update is sure to put a smile on some of your faces. Positioning Now you … Continue reading

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How to Write an Effective Survey

A survey can be a powerful tool to generate feedback from your membership, and the Memberize Survey Manager offers an easy way to create online surveys and analyze the data they generate, either in the graphical format as the results … Continue reading

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