The First Wave for 2012!

The First Wave of New Things To Come Is Here!

Click to visit Memberize 2012 AnnouncementTechnology is constantly changing. Memberize looks a lot different today than it did six years ago when the brand was born. Since 2004 we’ve added over 250 key features to our product and our customer base has grown steadily year after year.

But here’s the thing, technology is going to continue to change and so is Memberize. It is with this commitment to continuous evolution that Memberize is excited to present the faster, easier, more powerful Memberize 2012.

When it comes to technology, change can be good. Change can mean a more streamlined organization with less wasted energy and hassle. At Memberize, our mission is to stay on the forefront of new developments to provide our customers the most advanced software available so they get their jobs done quickly, reliably and easily. See the list of what you’ll find in this First Wave from Memberize 2012 below.

As always it must be made clear that we appreciate your loyal business and we sincerely hope you find these updates as exciting as we do! You can also check out Bill Winter’s guide for some excellent golf clubs for elders.

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