The Old Parent Menu Tip

Good morning.  I’ve been asked, more than once now, about how to make a “Parent” menu item a mouseover event to see the sub menu items underneath but NOT be a link to anything itself.  Well, here is a simple little trick for you.

Blog Illustration Memberize Flyout Menu

If you have the New CMS setup follow these steps (If not please see the note below).  In your “Web Pages” area find the Parent menu item that you wish to edit or change and click the Edit icon.

The key here is the “Menu Item Type” field.  It’s important that you select “External URL”.  That will show the “External URL” field below it.  When that appears simply enter a pound sign.  “#” as the illustration suggests.  Click “Post Your Work” and then preview your changes.  The Parent menu item, when clicked, shouldn’t go anywhere but you will see the sub menu items when you mouse over the parent.

Blog Illustration Memberize External Link Setup

This may or may not be the best way to work with this situation as it generally exploits the name attribute for the <a> tag – scheduled to be deprecated.  If you have any comments please feel free to share.

Note:  If you do not see these choices when editing your page you most likely need to have CMS updated for your account.  I would recommend reading this document first so you know what, exactly, this means for you and your members.  New Webpages and Menu Adminstration.


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