Google’s New Social

I read an article this morning that made me a little excited.  Excited because I’m starting to get this weird feeling about Facebook these days.  Weird only because I still like the idea of privacy and I’m trying desperately to hold on to some of that.  I’m not one to just throw any personal thing out there for my “friends” to take or leave.  Sometimes, if I think I’ve found a remarkable thing on the innerweb, I’ll share it.  I’ll post it on my wall.  Yeah… I’ll do that but I do think about it for a little while before doing so.  I do like to help promote things I’m interested in anyway.

I’m not sure I spend enough time looking at my privacy settings though.  I have in recent past but as I write this post I’m starting to think I better get over to Facebook just for a thorough review after I’m done here. Just because.  Well… because they may have changed something on me while I wasn’t looking!

I also again felt a little weird because I saw a friend of mine post about a nasty virus that is floating around on Facebook and that got me thinking about exposure.  There’s a whole bunch of people out there on Facebook.  They’re on Facebook a lot!  I am.  What a place to really take a shot at the complacent masses with a nasty worm to really screw things up!  Be careful!

So back to my excitement.  Google release what seems to be a very viable alternative to Facebook.  It really does!  It’s being tagged as the Google + Project.  I’ve taken the tour.  I read this article from PCWORLD called 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+ and it really brought it all together for me.  I began to see the possibilities.  Speaking of bringing it all together… well… that’s exactly how the Google people are seeing this working.  As a central point to all of their services that are so widely adopted.  The level of integration (especially if you’re an Android user) is “Exciting” to me.  Look out iPhone/Apple.  I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

This is something to pay close attention to.  It appears this will become another social tool for all of us to leverage for our own causes.

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