Message Boards. The Real Discussion.

People talking on your website.

If you’re running a membership website chances are part of it’s purpose is to offer or share private information with your membership.  Another purpose is probably to foster communication among your membership about common ideas associated with your Membership.  I’m talking about ideas or topics that are more focused on what your organization is all about and why your members – are in fact – members in the first place.

Being social in places such as Facebook are… well… less then private but are great places to inspire new membership for your organization.  All this is fantastic but part of the end goal is getting these people to your website where they can communicate with other privileged members right?

With your Memberize message board forums you can facilitate discussion on a private (members only) OR public level.  You can direct the topics of discussion or allow your members to participate in that process.  From here it’s all about membership retention and this particular feature in the Memberize tool set has that kind of power.

If you’re not a Memberize customer give it a trial run.  It won’t cost you anything. ;-)

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