Out with the old. In with the new. CMS and Menus.

We’ve updated the CMS area and the possibilities with your menus and their positioning.  It’s been a long time coming we know but this new update is sure to put a smile on some of your faces.


Now you have 3 places to choose from when positioning your main navigation.   Above your website’s header area, below the header area or along the left hand side.

Your website style sheet form presents you with these options as a quick and easy way to make this change.  Very simple!

CSS Menu Positioning

Parent and Subs

For those of you that are still running our first generation Menu / Content Management System you should know that you can create fly out menus to better arrange your information.  You don’t have to place all of your menu items on the top level.  Now you can have parent menu items with submenu items.

Menu Parent and Sub Illustration

Link Options

There are now more options when setting up your menu items.  When a user clicks on a menu item they don’t necessarily have to go to that page.  You can setup menu items to take people where ever you like.  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Other Websites, etc..

We also provide you with a really easy way to link to other pages, documents, events, surveys, etc.. from a menu item simply by picking from a website inventory list called “Internal Links”.

Internal Menu Links

We encourage existing Memberize customers to read this prepared PDF explaining the changes they can expect from switching to the latest CMS and Menu Tools.

CLICK HERE to download this document or copy the following URL to your browser.


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