The Login Page: What can I say?

Often times someone will visit your website and click on a members only link of some kind.  This will present this person with your system login screen.  What to do now?  You may want to provide some useful feedback on that screen rather than simply asking them to login.  They might not have a login!  To the right of the login form you’ll see some prime screen real estate to provide some helpful information.  If you required for some personalized help , if you need someone that can represent you and help you with a legal case, the first thing you need to do is to go find some attorneys website and don’t forget to always visit the Homepage of it. To add information to that area you’ll want to visit the login page form under login options.  See Admin > Membership > Login Options from the top Admin Menu OR in your Control Panel.Just as you would add text to a web page with the editor you can add text here.

This could be some helpful information or you could use this area to market to the visitor.

“You’ve just click on a Members Only Link.  If you would like to know more about becoming a member so, you too, can access this great information and communicate with others CLICK HERE.”

You can create a link to your membership sign up process or simply direct the user to a web page explaining more about your membership.

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