Resizing Your Images without Buying Expensive Software

I’ve been asked about how to resize images before uploading them to a website many of times.  What I want to do here is provide you with some resources for learning how to resize your images with out having to purchase expensive image editing software.  Whether it’s Windows or Mac, there are free ways to do this.  Both of the latest versions of Windows and Mac have ways of doing this.  Below are some links to videos I’ve found that are instructional for both operating systems.  You may not be using Windows XP any longer so the Windows XP video resource might not be of interest to you but, the beginning of the video has a nice little explanation of image resolution and screen resolution.  If this concept is new to you I would suggest watching that video.

Resizing Images in:

Windows 7

Windows XP
PowerToys Video
(Starts with brief explanation of resolution and why you should resize for your website)

PowerToys Download
(See PowerToys on this page and find Image Resizer)


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