Golf course finds help with Memberize

Dos Lagos golf course has had a rough year.  The southern New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area didn’t see the cold snap coming but it came alright.  Some reported the area experienced the longest and coldest stretch in over 50 years.  One of the victims of this weather was Dos Lagos.  A family owned golf course in Anthony, NM.

What eventually happened was the loss of over half of their putting greens.  During normal economic environments (and when Tiger Woods is at the top of his game) this would be a sizable repair but relatively affordable.  But…sense Dos Lagos and the golf industry has been down over the last few years this became a serious situation fast.  According to Dos Lagos owners, if you have decent greens then you’re players/customers can be happy.  A big concern was the thought of people spreading the word about the condition of the greens. 

Dos Lagos, with the use of their communication tools within their Memberize website and certain social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter), decided to keep people closely informed on the matters at hand with pictures and short messages of what progress was being made on their favorite affordable public golf course.

Thankfully Dos Lagos had built and promoted their bulk email lists to date so there was a quick way to get any important news in front the eyeballs of their subscribing golfers.  Also, during this period of rebuilding they were able to promote the idea of following Dos Lagos on Twitter to get quicker snippets of information rather than the more comprehensive email updates.  With the linkage and interface to Facebook many of those people began to follow Dos Lagos on Facebook.  All of these vehicles provided ways to direct interested people back to their website where the message was perfectly clear.

The idea of staying in front of the problem and offering up to date information to current/potential golfers was very valuable to the business.  The audience felt connected and rather than jumping ship to another option of golf course they’ve feel like some if not many have hung in there with ‘their club’.

The golf club has been promoting their annual tournaments online more than they have in the past because they’ve noticed the growth in their email and social lists.  This has had a measurable impact on event participation.  “I had completely forgot about the club championship this month”, replied one golfer.

So now that they finally have their greens in better shape they can happily provide this information to their golfers to come back and enjoy their club just as they did before.

They have a long way to go as does Tiger Woods but I personally think they’re going to make it.  We here at Memberize are happy to offer the tools to help!!

Dos Lagos doesn’t even use the Membership Management part of the Memberize feature set.  That tells you something doesn’t it?  We’re pulling for the Dos Lagos Golf Course family and hope we can continue to work with them to support their come back!!

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