How often should you redesign your website?

Image source: istockphoto.comProbably more than you think.  Websites are not a product. They are a process.  A process of updating information that you are serving to your membership as well as the general public in most cases.

So often we hear from people who are actually in charge of managing their websites that their board or boss is fine with the old “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  If it’s working than don’t mess with it.  Well, that’s not going to do you any good on multiple levels.

Considering a design treatment/effort is good form every so often.  Some say it’s good to consider this every 3 months or so.  If it’s been a year or more then you should definitely take a good hard look.  Yes it can be as simple as changing colors, headings and navigation.  Changing your header information is a great practice.  It’s right there in front of you and who ever is visiting your website. Change keeps things fresh for you, your members, your prospective members, and search engines!

If you are a little resource poor in the creative department Memberize offers it’s Professional Services.  We can help you realize your vision with these valuable services and then next time you may be able to take care of things on your own.

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