How to Add Social Bookmarking to your Memberize Site

AddThis™ Bookmarking and Social Sharing is now a part of the HTML Editor!

We’ve included a new tool in the HTML Editor that will allow you to quickly add an AddThis Bookmark and Share button to your web pages, header, footer, events and more…

This new tool is available today and we plan to expand on this feature in the near future.  Today you can use this tool to foster sharing of your website content with the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Email and others.  300+ as a matter of fact.

Website Management Tip: If you  include one of these buttons in the Header or Footer of your site it makes it much easier to maintain.  Because the Header and Footer are displayed on 95% of your website you only have to place it there to be included on all of your pages.  Of course, you can always accentuate the point by including them with in certain individual web pages or events but the same functionality will apply.  This way you can simply refer to your Website Header or Footer to make a change in the future.

We hope you enjoy and we’d like to thank AddThis for providing an excellent service.  Give it a try today!  Look for the Orange + Icon in your editor.  If it is not visible then we have purposely excluded it for that particular area of your site.

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