Access Levels: Distribute the Work Load

Member Access Levels (also known as member status levels) are used to determine each member’s permissions and access to different website features and functions.

Each website is configured with several default member access levels.  These default member access levels cannot be modified, however administrators can create entirely new member access levels and define the administrative rights to be granted.

New, custom access levels can be created by clicking on the “Add New Level” button, this will load the Membership Access Level Edit page.  Divided by functional area, you can control what members assigned this new access level are able to edit and change.

Within certain functional areas you can limit access to only that member’s portion of that area, only that member’s Chapter, or to all areas/members.  For example, in the Events Administration area, you can set your custom access level to allow users to Memorize any event, only those events they create, or none at all.


List of examples

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