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How to Make It & How to Keep It - Use the Law to Your Advantage

How to Make It and How to Keep It

Your Security

You put security systems in your house. You put lights and fences around your property. You do whatever you can to protect your property from some sort of a thief. That’s great, but you have a better chance today of losing your property and your wealth to the legal system than you do a common thief. And yet, you haven’t done anything to protect your wealth from some sort of a legal attack.

You just hope the service of lawsuit is never delivered, your identity isn’t taken, your taxes aren’t audited, and nobody comes after your investments or business.

REIN sees many Members lose because they aren’t protected. That’s why REIN is having Lee R. Phillips, United States Supreme Court Counselor, show you how to protect yourself and your property form a legal attack.

There’s a thief that is guaranteed to take at least half of your wealth, but you don’t see the thief and the loss is just part of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The IRS is the thief that steals and steals and gets away with it. The thief will get its share, but there is no need to lose more than absolutely necessary.

You’re Paying Too Much

One of the tax services estimates that the average business owner or real estate investor pays at least $11,000 in taxes each year that they could actually avoid paying. One of the ways you can protect yourself is to learn to cut your taxes.

You CPA has never told you about the tax tips Lee Phillips will show you at the class this Saturday, January 18.

If your Tax Preparer has never talked to you about “above the line” and “below the line” accounting, you can be assured that you are not doing any meaningful tax planning. The object is to lower your adjusted gross income, not just get another standard deduction. If you can lower your adjusted gross income, you can save taxes in many ways, not just enjoy a deduction.

Legal Traps

If you can avoid just a couple of the legal traps that people find themselves in, that may mean the difference between retiring and living the good life or retiring broke on Social Security. The sad part is the general public doesn’t even know what the traps look like.

Once you know what the traps look like, you can walk right out and around them. The rich stay out of the traps. They don’t lose their money paying the lawyer getting out of the hole. They spend their money getting ahead financially.

Avoiding the traps is the difference between financial success and financial failure for most people. You don’t need to make truckloads of money, but you do have to learn how to protect what you make, or somebody is going to take it away from you.

Our society is turning into an entitlement society. If you’ve got it, somebody is going to try and take it away from you.

Lee Phillips will show you how to use the law to keep what you make. AND he’ll show you how to make it faster.

Using the Law to Make More Money

The rich use the tax laws, they use the legal tools, and they leverage what they do with the law.

You think about a rich person you know. They understand the legal system and they use it to their advantage. They can use the law to turn a good deal into a great deal or a bad deal into a good deal.

The legal system is the most powerful system we have in our nation today. Lee Phillips will show you how to use it to make more money in addition to showing you how to use it to protect your assets. Register NOW for this event.

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Start Date: 01/18/2020 Start Time: 9:00 AM
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Event Location: REIN Education Center
Address: 4525 Harding Pike, Suite #200 , Nashville , TN   37205
Directions: Truxton Trust Building - Across from Kroger
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